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If you have an adverse credit history and are seeking a bad credit remortgage, mortgage or bridging loan, then National Credit can help. Likewise, if you’ve an excellent credit history and seeking the greatest rates on mortgages, remortgages or bridging loans, as a very diverse company, we can also help.

We have worked with 1000’s of customers helping them to obtain the most appropriate poor credit remortgages, mortgages and other finance options such as bridging loans. We are one of very few brokers who can expertly source, recommend and arrange both regulated and non-regulated mortgages in addition to a variety of bridging loans. National Credit also has the resources to search 1000’s of different plans for mortgages and bridging loans, allowing us to find a product that best suits the borrower’s needs. Our highly trained team of professionals pay specific attention to each individual and their own circumstances, which allows us to provide the very best catered service.

Here at National Credit, we are confident we can find the right mortgage or bridging loan for you, regardless of any circumstances you may be in. Take the first step by completing the quick and easy contact form for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Bridging loans are a very popular way to get the cash you need quickly and with minimum fuss. Please call for a bridging loans quotation or fill in the quick contact form for info about our bridging loans. Bridging loans can be used in a lot of instances where you need to bridge the gap between selling a property and purchasing one. They allow you to get the sale, before it’s too late.